How we’ll work together

This is all about you, so I’ll be interested in finding out about what you like and enjoy, what are the things that interest you. That way, I’ll use content that attracts you and that you can positively associate with learning! 

Conversation about food habits and preferences. Using a Google Slides presentation based off a book activity from Campus Difusión.
Speaking practice A2/B1 level about the possibility of preserving your conscience in the future. Using an illustration by Pictoline.
A beginner (A1) class about grocery shopping, measures and containers. Watching a video on the content platform that I use, Campus Difusión.
Learning about cultural aspects of Spain, in this case its linguistic diversity. With a pdf material from Campus Difusión.

Not all lessons have to be the same and, as you progress, some days we can focus on conversation and others on doing interactive activities that include vocabulary, video, audio, reading and listening. I like to use a mix of materials, some of them made by me and other times those available online. During my lessons or for your assignments, I use an educational platform (including sometimes a digital book), presentations, YouTube videos, specialised websites, comic illustrations, songs and any other tools that can make language learning enjoyable and rewarding. We’ll also share a Google Docs document. 

I’m so happy that you’ve decided to take the step of learning a foreign language, be it your first one or an additional one. And even happier that you’ve chosen Spanish. ¿Empezamos tu aventura en español?