About me

¡Hola! Soy Zulema. Gracias por visitar la web de The Spanish Notebook.

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I was born in 1985 in a region located in the north west of Spain, called Galicia: green, rainy, melancholic and breathtakingly beautiful! I have lived in Bristol, UK, since 2014.

This is the beach where I grew up.

As most Spaniards you’ll know, I love food! Everything about it: trying new food, experimenting with recipes, eating, cooking and baking, for me and for others.  I also enjoy reading and films and I spend too much time binge-watching Netflix. I don’t think I can leave the house without Spotify on. I enjoy board games (I have a weakness for Trivial Pursuit and quizzes in general) and having great conversations with interesting people. 

Traditional paella valenciana, made in the summer 2020. ¡Estaba riquísima!

I spend most of my time online. And although I am an “indoorsy” person in general, or “casera”, like we say in Spain, one of my favourite things to do is running! I also have a fixation with the 80s. I love cats (and really any furry creature) and horror films. My favourite holiday is Halloween.

As an introvert, I am thoughtful, very empathetic and patient and a great listener.

I studied a BA in Journalism, graduating in 2013. That same year I started, in distance learning, a BA in English Studies: Language, Literature and Culture. After living in the UK since 2014 and having a British partner (and his family!),  speaking English doesn’t feel foreign anymore! For those reasons, I believe I’d be the perfect teacher for native English speakers as I know your language on a near-native level and I’m aware of where your difficulties will reside when learning Spanish. 

In January 2020, I completed an online course (50 hours) on Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) to adults, of which I obtained a certificate of completion. That has been the initial step towards finally starting to do what makes me the happiest: helping and guiding people like you through the life-changing experience of learning a foreign language. I started this journey as an online private Spanish tutor in March 2020, teaching happy, motivated students.

Since I arrived in the UK, I’d been wanting to do this for a living as it’s my true vocation and passion. After temping for a few months, I had found a full-time, permanent job, right in the moment when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all into  a lockdown. The circumstances led to the offer of employment to not go ahead. Ironically, being forced back to unemployment and not having the pressure of finding “a job”, was exactly what pushed and allowed me to pursue what I really wanted. That’s what gave me the opportunity to put all the time and effort into creating The Spanish Notebook. Now, you can fill the pages of your own Spanish notebook with me!