Teaching philosophy and method

Infographic made with Piktochart.

From my point of view, both the teaching and the learning of a language, must be an emotional, inspiring and fun experience. Throughout the language learning process, the teacher’s role should be that of a guide. The teacher knows the route or map that the student must follow towards the acquisition of a new language. Learning a new language is one of the most enriching experiences. An authentic adventure that opens the student up to a new worldview. For that, the student must be the active protagonist, sitting behind the wheel, driving at his or her own pace.

I like to teach Spanish in a communicative and dynamic way. To place the student at the centre of his or her learning experience, I encourage an active participation and exposure to the target language from the beginning. In our lessons together, you’ll work with interactive activities and other resources that will help you absorb grammar and vocabulary within a context. I don’t believe in repetition drills as they’re boring, demotivating and, more importantly, ineffective! To become an independent language learner, you’ll be able to find your own strategies to study the grammar and vocabulary that you’ll learn lesson after lesson. Our time together will be the opportunity to see it all in action. I’ll always be available to answer your questions and give you all the help you might need. 

In our free introductory session, we’ll get to know each other and we’ll discuss what motivates you to learn Spanish. I’ll assess your level and find out about your previous knowledge or contact with the language, if any, and if you have specific goals. In case that you  already know some Spanish, you’ll be able to tell me where you struggle, what is it that you’d like to improve and what are the aspects of the language on which you’d like to focus.