Student feedback

Here you can learn about the impressions of some of my students.

Photo by Dennis Skley.

Ann Harvey, USA

Ann was my youngest students, she studied Spanish in high school four or five years ago. She wanted to refresh and improve her language ability. She has both structured and conversation-based sessions. 

My experience has been fun and very informational culture and learning-wise. The lessons are fun and educational, since there is a lot of verbal interaction, it is very helpful with speaking. Listening to videos and to a native pronunciation has helped me to reform my listening comprehension of Spanish.

What is your favourite aspect of Zulema’s teaching method?

I enjoy going through videos and text and answering questions about them alongside casual conversation, as it helps to think in Spanish more. The topics of conversation are fun.

How would you describe Zulema as a teacher?

Zulema is very kind, nice to work with and very understanding.

Chris Medhurst-Jackson, UK

Chris had been attending a Spanish course in his local adult education school for a few years and was about to reach a level B2. He wanted to practice conversation to improve his speaking ability and fluency, as well as increase his vocabulary.  He likes visiting Spain on holidays and plans on living in the country when he retires.

My experience has been perfect. Varied, fun, interesting, engaging. The lessons are interesting and challenging. Zulema always manages to find a new topic upon which to launch the lesson. I could not engage in any Spanish conversation before. Now, although I have a long way to go, I have the confidence and a greater understanding of how to structure a sentence. The time flies, I look forward to each session. I always feel very positive about learning Spanish after. My wife is very impressed with my progress.

What is your favourite aspect of Zulema’s teaching method?

I never know what vocabulary I will learn or what structures I will begin to understand. The topics of conversation are fabulous. So very varied and a great launch to begin a conversation.

How would you describe Zulema as a teacher?

Engaging, funny, intelligent and supportive. Of the tutors I have tried, Zulema is by far the better.

Angela Wright, UK

Angela was another client who started as a complete beginner, with some exposure to apps and podcasts. She knew some communication basics, such as introducing herself or navigating hotel or restaurant situations. Her daughter lives in Chile so she wished to learn Spanish to be able to communicate with her son-in-law and the locals when visiting. She also dreams of living in Spain someday.

My experience has been thoroughly enjoyable. Week on week I feel more and more confident. I truly look forward to each class. The lessons are packed with excellent content, learning materials and fun. At first I felt daunted by the thought of only using Spanish in listening to instructions but now I feel this is the best way to expose me to the language and I think this approach is giving me more confidence in the lessons. It allows improvement of the comprehension, exposing the student to words they may not have covered in lessons and an additional way of increasing their vocabulary and comprehension.

What is your favourite aspect of Zulema’s teaching method?

The full exposure to Spanish, the instructions being in Spanish in order to give the student as much exposure to the language as possible. I feel this is a really good teaching method, the more exposure to the language, the better.

How would you describe Zulema as a teacher?

Zulema is extremely patient and very organised. I never feel pressured whenever I’m stuck on words or if I get anything wrong. I like how when/if I’m stuck on words, Zulema coaches the word out of me, gives me clues to what the word is, rather than just telling me straight away what it is.